What Does Sent, Received And Delivered Snapchat Icons Mean ?

A few days ago, I found myself curiously observing my Snapchat, noting the various icons scattered across the screen. Let me be honest; it was akin to staring at a beautiful, albeit slightly confusing, constellation. Each symbol seemed to bear a secret message waiting to be unlocked. There I was, a seasoned Windows user and a relative newbie to the colorful world of Snapchat, about to embark on a fresh digital adventure.

Snapchat’s icons, much like the platform’s infamous disappearing pictures, can seem elusive and cryptic at first. However, fear not, as I’ve taken the time to dissect the purpose of these icons for you. So, buckle up, my friends; let’s plunge into the world of Snapchat’s Sent, Received, and Delivered icons.

What are the Sent Icons on Snapchat?

Ah, the elusive world of Snapchat icons – a place where tiny symbols hold the key to understanding the fate of your carefully crafted snaps! Let’s embark on a journey through the Snapchat universe, focusing on the mysterious icons that signify the status of your sent messages.

When you hit that send button and dispatch your snap into the digital ether, you’re met with a range of symbols that give you a glimpse into its journey. The “Sent” icons on Snapchat are the initial indicators that your message is on its way to your recipient.

One of the most common “Sent” icons is the small, hollow arrow that appears next to your snap. This arrow symbolizes that your message has left your device and is en route to the Snapchat servers. It’s essentially the starting point of your snap’s adventure, signaling that it’s on its way to its intended destination.

Another variation you might encounter is a solid, bold arrow. This filled-in arrow typically appears when your snap has not only been sent from your device but has also been received by Snapchat’s servers. It’s a step beyond the hollow arrow, indicating that your message has progressed further in its journey.

It’s important to note that these “Sent” icons denote the transmission of your snap but don’t guarantee its ultimate delivery or viewing by the recipient. They’re more like progress markers, letting you know that your message is in transit through Snapchat’s systems.

1. Sent Icons

Sent icons appear after you have dispatched a snap, and they come in a few varieties. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • The Empty Blue Arrow : This one had me stumped initially, but after a bit of exploration, it became clear. This blue icon shows that you’ve successfully sent a chat message. It’s like a courier handing you a delivery receipt, reassuring you that your words are en route to their intended recipient.
  • The Empty Red Arrow : Seeing this, I felt a sense of accomplishment. The red arrow signifies that a snap, consisting of a photo or a video without any audio, has been dispatched successfully. Consider this your green light, your seal of approval, if you will.
  • The Empty Purple Arrow : This icon indicates that a snap containing an audio element (like a video or a voice note) has been sent. Think of this as your snap’s soundtrack, adding an extra layer of expression to your message.
Sent Icons


2. Received Icons

Now, what about when you’re on the receiving end of a snap or a chat message? Well, Snapchat has you covered there as well.

  • Blue Chat Box : This denotes an unread chat message. Seeing this icon, I felt a tinge of anticipation. Who’s the sender? What’s the message? The mystery added an intriguing touch to the whole experience.
  • Red Square : When you see this, it’s time to get excited! It means you have an unopened snap without sound waiting for you. I must admit, receiving this silent, visual message gave me a moment of quiet joy.
  • Purple Square : This icon indicates an unopened snap with sound. When I saw this, I knew I was in for a multi-sensory treat.
Received Icons

3. Delivered Icons

Ah, the satisfaction of knowing your message has not just been sent, but also delivered!

  • Filled Blue Arrow : This means that your chat message has been delivered to your friend’s device, but they have yet to read it. At this stage, I found myself patiently waiting for my message to be opened, a little like waiting for a letter to be unsealed.
  • Filled Red Arrow : This icon signals that your snap without sound has been delivered successfully. It’s like dropping a letter in the mailbox, feeling a sense of accomplishment.
  • Filled Purple Arrow : This icon signifies that your sound-inclusive snap has been successfully delivered. It’s the final note (quite literally) on your audio-visual message’s journey.

Understanding these icons turned my Snapchat experience from a confusing jumble into a beautiful symphony of communication. I hope my explorations shed some light on the magic behind these icons for you too. If you want to delve deeper into Snapchat’s secrets, I recommend visiting Snapchat’s Official Support Page.

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