6 Best Solutions For Taskbar Volume Icon Not Working On Windows

Picture this: You are all set to groove to your favorite tunes, ready to immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats, only to find your trusty volume icon playing hide-and-seek on your taskbar. Frustrating, isn’t it? Fear not, for I, your Windows Whisperer, have delved deep into the labyrinth of this issue and emerged with a map of six foolproof solutions to conquer this enigma.

1. Restarting Windows Explorer:

Ah, the age-old remedy of restarting, akin to a magical charm that often breathes life into the dormant. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc to summon the Task Manager, scrolling down to Windows Explorer, and finally clicking Restart might just be the elixir your taskbar needs.

Restarting Windows Explorer


2. Updating Sound Drivers:

Your volume icon might be sulking due to outdated sound drivers. Venturing into the Device Manager, locating your sound device, and right-clicking to select ‘Update driver’ could potentially awaken the dormant sound waves.

3. Re-enabling the Volume Icon:

Sometimes, the icon hides due to its own shyness. Fear not, for you can beckon it back by right-clicking the taskbar, selecting ‘Taskbar settings,’ scrolling down to ‘Turn system icons on or off,’ and ensuring the slider for ‘Volume’ is enabled.

Re-enabling the Volume Icon

4. Running Troubleshooters:

Windows harbors its own trove of troubleshooters, eager to mend the broken and rejuvenate the faltering. Head to ‘Settings,’ type ‘Troubleshoot’ in the search box, select ‘Troubleshoot settings,’ and then choose ‘Playing Audio.’ Let the troubleshooter weave its magic, and who knows, the volume icon might just reappear, grinning from ear to ear.

5. Checking for Windows Updates:

Ah, the symphony of Windows updates, each note seeking to harmonize the system’s melody. Navigate to ‘Settings,’ select ‘Update & Security,’ and allow Windows to dance with the internet’s winds, for updates often bring not just security but also remedy to ailing icons.

Checking for Windows Updates

6. Scanning for Malware:

The dark realms of the digital world often breed malevolent entities that tamper with the harmonious functioning of our systems. Running a thorough scan with reliable antivirus software can exorcise these malevolent spirits, paving the way for the triumphant return of your dear volume icon.

Before bidding you adieu, let me whisper a final thought: Prevention is the most potent potion. Keep your Windows updated, embrace the sanctity of regular maintenance, and shield your system from the clutches of malware. Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving the symphony of your digital sanctuary.

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