5 Ways To Recover Deleted Messages on Messenger App And Desktop

We’ve all been there. One minute, a crucial message from an old friend or an important work detail is there on Messenger, and the next? Poof. Gone. The immediate rush of panic and regret is all too familiar. But before you dive deep into a tub of regret-filled ice cream, I’ve got some good news. I’ve been on this heart-dropping roller coaster ride myself, and along the way, I’ve discovered a handful of tricks that just might retrieve those missing messages.

1. The Archived Treasure Trove

Ah, the Archives. That sneaky little corner where conversations sometimes take a quiet nap. Before diving into more complex methods, it’s always good to check this peaceful place out.

  • Launch Messenger -> Click on your profile picture -> Opt for ‘Archived Chats’ Lost in archives? Maybe not. But if it is, score!
The Archived Treasure Trove

2. Unearth with Facebook’s Settings

Many folks aren’t aware of this, but Facebook is like that cautious friend who keeps backups of your shared memories. Your messages included.

  • Head over to Facebook via your browser. Click on that tiny dropdown arrow.
  • Scoot over to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Your Facebook Information.’
  • There’s an option there – ‘Download Your Information.’ It’s a bit like a time machine. Check out this step-by-step guide by Facebook that I’ve found super helpful. A word of advice? Only tick ‘Messages’ during the download to save some time.

3. Desktop Detective Work

For some bizarre reason, the mobile and desktop versions of Messenger occasionally don’t see eye to eye. There have been times when messages that played hide and seek on my mobile app were lounging right there on the desktop version. Pop over to the Messenger website and see if your message is chilling there.

Desktop Detective Work

4. The World of Third-Party Recovery

There’s a sea of third-party tools waving banners of “Recover Deleted Messages!” Two that I’ve tested and found to be not half bad are ‘Dr.Fone’ and ‘iMobie PhoneRescue.’ But a heads up: always tread cautiously. Never share more than you need to, and always run a quick malware scan. If you’re curious about the credibility of such tools, TechRadar frequently reviews them and can offer a solid perspective.

5. Reaching Out to the Big Guys: Facebook Support

This is my Hail Mary move. If a message is super crucial, and nothing else works, I shoot a cordial request to Facebook’s help center explaining the conundrum. The success rate? Well, it’s hit or miss. But hey, no stone unturned, right?

Reaching Out to the Big Guys: Facebook Support

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