6 Fixes: Nest Thermostat Not Cooling

Just the other day, my home felt like an accidental homage to the Sahara desert. I glanced at my faithful Nest thermostat, and it was apparent— the cooling function wasn’t doing its job. But let’s not jump the gun and call in the pros just yet. Like the adventurers we are, we can often solve this mystery ourselves. So, get ready for a journey through the ins and outs of troubleshooting your Nest Thermostat’s cooling issues!

1. Check The Power

You can check the power by looking at the Nest thermostat’s display. If it’s lit, your device is powered on. If not, check the power source it’s connected to and ensure it’s properly plugged in.

Check The Power


2. Look At The Wiring

Take a sneak peek at the wiring (screenshot). This task can be daunting, but trust me, it’s not as complicated as it seems. Make sure all the wires are connected securely and in their right places. Here’s a Nest wiring guide to help you out.

3. Software Updates

Your thermostat, just like your computer, needs regular updates. If your Nest thermostat isn’t cooling, it might be because it’s running on outdated software. Navigate to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Software’ to check if there’s an update available.

Software Updates

4. Reset The Thermostat

Try resetting your Nest thermostat. It’s kind of like turning it off and back on again— a simple, old-school trick that can surprisingly solve many issues.

5. Fan Schedule

Go to the thermostat and press on the unit to bring up the menu. Turn the outer ring to highlight ‘Settings’ and press the unit again to select it. Now, rotate the outer ring until you see ‘Fan’. Press down to select it. Here, you can schedule the fan to run for a specific number of minutes per hour, or set it to automatic.

Fan Schedule

6. Check Your Circuit Breaker

If there’s an issue with your home’s circuit breaker, it might affect your Nest thermostat’s functioning. It’s worth giving it a check.

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