4 Best Ways To Make A GIF For Discord

Ah, Discord – that wonderful platform where we chat, play, and share moments with friends and strangers alike. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed during my countless hours on Discord, it’s the absolute magic of GIFs. Yes, those looping wonders that perfectly encapsulate our moods and reactions.

Having tried and tested multiple methods on my trusty Windows PC to create GIFs suitable for Discord, I’ve boiled it down to these four top-notch methods. Buckle up, friends. GIF greatness awaits!

1. GIPHY Capture – The Simple & Swift Way

GIPHY Capture is the expressway to GIF-land. Whether it’s capturing a hilarious moment from a YouTube video or creating a quick tutorial, this tool makes it all a breeze.


  1. Download and install GIPHY Capture.
  2. Set up your desired capture area.
  3. Hit record and save it as a GIF!
GIPHY Capture - The Simple & Swift Way


2. Photoshop – The Creative Professional’s Choice

Adobe’s Photoshop isn’t just about photo editing; it’s a powerhouse for GIF creation. This method requires a bit more know-how but gives you unmatched control and quality.


  1. Import your video or sequence of images into Photoshop.
  2. Edit and adjust to your liking.
  3. Export it using the “Save for Web” option, ensuring you’ve selected GIF as the format.
Photoshop – The Creative Professional’s Choice

3. ScreenToGif – The Detailed Documenter

If you’ve ever wanted to capture a process or walkthrough for friends, ScreenToGif is a gem. It’s like recording a how-to video but in GIF form!


  1. Download and launch ScreenToGif.
  2. Choose your recording mode.
  3. Capture your sequence and edit if needed.
  4. Save as a GIF.
ScreenToGif – The Detailed Documenter

4. EZGif – The Online Handyman

No software? No problem! EZGif is a web-based solution for those who want to avoid downloads or are working from a different device.


  1. Visit the EZGif website.
  2. Upload your video or sequence of images.
  3. Use the online tools to trim, adjust, and optimize.
  4. Save your freshly minted GIF.


The GIF game for Discord is vast and varied, and these are my favorite methods that have never let me down. Whether you’re looking for the quickest way or the most detailed, there’s something here for every Windows user.

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