iPad Not Connecting To WiFi 5 Fixes

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely faced a moment when my iPad suddenly refuses to connect to the WiFi. It’s an inconvenience that we all dread, but luckily, I’ve found some reliable fixes that usually do the trick. I’m going to share my experiences navigating through these fixes, giving you a step-by-step guide to get you back online in no time.

1. Check Your Router

This might sound obvious, but sometimes the solution is as simple as making sure your router is on and functioning properly. Try connecting other devices to see if they also have problems. If they do, consider resetting your router. For more detailed instructions, you can visit your router’s manufacturer’s website. Here’s a handy list of manufacturer contact information compiled by Lifewire LINK.

Check Your Router


2. Confirm Your WiFi Connection

Double-check your iPad’s settings to make sure it’s trying to connect to the correct network. Open the Settings app, tap on WiFi, and see which network it’s trying to connect to. Sometimes it’s as simple as connecting to the right network!

3. Renew Lease

In the WiFi settings, you might have noticed a button that says ‘Renew Lease’. Clicking this forces your iPad to attempt a new connection to your WiFi. It’s like giving your iPad a little nudge to get it back on track.

Renew Lease

4. Forget Network and Reconnect

Another neat trick is to make your iPad ‘forget’ the WiFi network and then reconnect as if it’s the first time. Go to your WiFi settings, select the network, and tap ‘Forget This Network’. Just remember your WiFi password, you’ll need to enter it again.

5. Reset Network Settings

If you’re still having trouble, consider resetting your iPad’s network settings. This won’t erase personal data, but it will remove network settings, so be prepared to re-enter any saved passwords. You can find this in the General settings under ‘Reset.

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