How To Underline In Discord | Basic Text Formatting Tips

Ah, the world of Discord! Over the years, I’ve navigated this wonderful platform, tinkering with features and discovering new ways to communicate. It’s become one of my go-to applications for instant messaging, voice calls, and video chats. But there’s something that stumped me at the beginning, and I’ve seen many in the community scratching their heads over the same thing: text formatting, specifically underlining.

You might be thinking, “Is underlining in Discord even a thing?” The answer is a resounding yes! After delving into Discord’s markdown capabilities and putting them to the test, I can confidently share this guide with you.

1. The Basics: Underlining Text

The trick to underlining is using a combination of symbols. To underline text in Discord, all you need to do is wrap your text in two underscores (__). For example:

Underlined Text will render as: Underlined Text

The Basics: Underlining Text


2. Combining Text Effects

Now, here’s where it gets fun! Discord allows you to combine different text effects. What if you want your text to be both bold and underlined? After some experimenting, I discovered the solution:

Bold and Underlined will render as: Bold and Underlined

Trust me, once you start playing around with these combinations, you’ll feel like a text formatting wizard!

The Combined Powers: Text Formatting Fusion

3. Other Handy Text Formatting Tricks

  • Italics: Use a single asterisk or underscore on either side of your text.
    • Example: italic or italic
  • Bold: Wrap your text in two asterisks or underscores.
    • Example: bold or bold
  • Strikethrough: Use two tildes on either side.
    • Example: strikethrough
  • Code blocks: For those coding enthusiasts, use backticks (`) to showcase code.
    • Example: code

For a deeper dive into Discord’s markdown capabilities, Discord’s official guide was incredibly helpful during my exploration.

Other Handy Text Formatting Tricks

4. My Personal Take

Now, you might be wondering, “When would I ever need to use underlining in Discord?” Well, after testing these out in real conversations, I found that underlining can be great for:

  • Emphasizing Titles: Like when discussing a book or movie title.
  • Highlighting Important Instructions: Especially when guiding someone through a process or steps.
  • Just Having Fun!: Honestly, sometimes it’s just entertaining to jazz up your messages.


Understanding how to format text in Discord can enhance your conversations, making them more dynamic and engaging. Trust me, once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever chatted without these nifty tricks up your sleeve!

Looking for more Discord tips? I found this comprehensive guide on text formatting that dives even deeper.

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