How To Strikethrough Text In Discord? 6 Best Ways

Oh, the magic of Discord! A platform that’s grown to become an epicenter for gamers, creators, and general chat enthusiasts alike. From streaming games to sharing memes, there’s no doubt that the platform has truly revolutionized online communication. And while we bask in its multifaceted brilliance, there are still small quirks and tricks that sometimes elude even the most seasoned Discord users. Like, let’s say, the art of striking a line through text.

I recently found myself knee-deep in a fascinating quest to explore every method one can employ to strike through text in Discord. Why? Because life is full of strikeouts! Sometimes, we just need to express that change of heart, mock an earlier comment, or simply perfect our meme game. So, without further ado, let’s delve into these six tried-and-true techniques that I’ve personally tested and can vouch for!

1. Classic Markdown Magic

This, my friends, is the old reliable. A simple combination of tildes before and after your text does the trick: ~~Your Text Here~~

And voilà! Your text will appear like this. Trusty and quick, it’s no wonder this is the most popular method.

Classic Markdown Magic


2. Using Bots

There are several bots out there designed to enhance the Discord experience. Some, like the aptly named Text-Bot, allow you to play around with text formatting. Just invite one of these bad boys to your server, follow their commands, and you’ll be striking through texts like there’s no tomorrow!

Using Bots

3. External Text Formatting Tools

Websites like FancyTextGuru or LingoJam allow you to format text in myriad ways, including the sought-after strikethrough. Simply input your text, choose the desired effect, and then copy-paste it to Discord. Easy as pie!

External Text Formatting Tools

4. Use Emojis

Now, this isn’t a traditional strikethrough, but it’s a fun workaround! Use the horizontal line emojis, such as ─, to simulate a strikethrough effect. Place them above and below your text to create an illusion. Admittedly, it’s a bit quirky, but sometimes quirky is just what we need.

Use Emojis

5. Integrate with Other Apps

If you’re a fan of Slack or use Google Docs, you’ve probably noticed their native strikethrough features. Craft your message there, strike through the desired text, take a screenshot, and share it on Discord. It’s a tad unconventional, but hey, sometimes the journey is as fun as the destination!

Integrate with Other Apps

6. Plugins and Extensions

There are some plugins available, like BetterDiscord, that offer enhanced text formatting features, including strikethrough. Install the software, get the plugin, and let your texts shine (or rather, strike)!


So there we have it, six interesting, diverse methods to strikethrough text on Discord. Each technique has its unique charm, and what works best often depends on the context and your personal preference. For quick and simple needs, I’d stick with the classic markdown, but for those feeling a bit adventurous, why not dabble in bots or plugins?

Whichever method you choose, just remember: Strikethrough is more than just a line across text. It’s an emotion, a statement, and sometimes, the ultimate comedic punchline.

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