10 Ways: Play YouTube In The Background (Android & iOS)

Ah, the simple joy of multitasking. We’ve all been there: listening to a gripping podcast on YouTube while scrolling through our emails, or indulging in some ASMR sounds to lull us into the sweet arms of slumber. There’s just one problem. As soon as you hit the home button or open a different app, your YouTube video pauses, and the symphony of sounds you were just enjoying comes to a screeching halt. Well, my friends, there’s no need to endure this interruption any longer. In this article, I’m going to share with you ten handy ways you can keep YouTube playing in the background on your Android and iOS devices.

1. YouTube Premium

To kick things off, let’s start with the obvious – YouTube Premium. This is the most straightforward solution, but it does come with a monthly fee. With Premium, you can play videos in the background, ad-free, even when your screen is off. It’s worth considering if you’re a heavy YouTube user. For more details, check out YouTube’s official page on Premium.

YouTube Premium


2. Use a Browser

If you’d rather not shell out for Premium, no worries. You can just use a browser. Open your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), go to YouTube’s website, start playing a video, and then go to your home screen. Now, swipe down to bring up the control center and hit play. Voila! You’ve got YouTube playing in the background.

3. Picture in Picture Mode

This is a handy feature on iOS 14 and above. Just enable Picture in Picture mode in your settings, then you can swipe up from the bottom while a video is playing in the YouTube app. Your video will shrink down and keep playing while you do other things. Android users, don’t fret. Android 8.0 (Oreo) and newer versions also support this feature. Check out this guide from Android Authority for more details.

Picture in Picture Mode

4. Use Third-Party Apps

There are many apps available that allow YouTube videos to play in the background. For Android, one popular option is NewPipe. On iOS, you might want to check out PlayTube. These apps have their own features and settings, so explore and find the one that suits you best. Just remember to download apps from trusted sources to ensure your device’s safety.

5. Use YouTube Music

For those who primarily use YouTube for music, consider using YouTube Music. It’s designed for music listening, and with a YouTube Music Premium subscription, you can listen in the background, ad-free. Visit YouTube Music for more details.

Use YouTube Music

6. Desktop Site on Mobile Browser

This trick is a lifesaver. Open YouTube in your mobile browser and request the desktop site (usually found in your browser’s settings). Play a video and, even if it stops when you hit the home button, you can pull down the notification shade and hit play to continue. It’s just like magic.

7. VLC Media Player

You might know VLC as the go-to app for playing a variety of media files, but did you know it can also stream YouTube videos? Just copy a video’s URL from YouTube, open VLC, select ‘Network Stream’, and paste the URL. Enjoy your video, and feel free to multitask to your heart’s content. Check out this tutorial on how to use VLC for YouTube streams for more information.

VLC Media Player

8. Use Split Screen Mode

Android’s split-screen mode is another great option. Open YouTube and another app in split-screen mode and enjoy uninterrupted video while you’re at it. For more guidance, here’s an article by PCMag that walks you through the process.

9. Awesome Pop-up Video

This app, available for Android users, is another fantastic option. It allows you to play your videos in a pop-up window that can be moved and resized as per your convenience. Check out the Awesome Pop-up Video app on Google Play.

10. Use Audio-Only Mode

Finally, if you just want to listen to audio from a lecture, podcast, or music video, some third-party apps offer an audio-only mode that saves on data usage. For Android users, YMusic is a great option, while iOS users can give Musi a try.

So there you have it, folks – ten ways to listen to YouTube in the background on your Android or iOS devices. As I always say, technology is your friend, so use these tricks to make your YouTube listening experience as seamless as possible.

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