How To Make A Live Wallpaper On iPhone Or Android? 3 Best Ways

Ah, the joy of personalization! The moment I swapped my bland, stock image for a dynamic, live wallpaper was like witnessing a grand metamorphosis of my phone, a transition from boring to exciting. Suddenly, my device was more than just a tool; it became an extension of me, a canvas of my creativity. If you’re looking to make the same transformation, allow me to guide you through my top three methods of creating live wallpapers for your iPhone or Android device.

1. Use Built-In Settings: Simplicity at its Finest

Let’s start with the easiest and most straightforward method: using your phone’s built-in settings. Both Android and iOS devices have native settings that enable you to set live wallpapers. On your iPhone, for example, you can choose from a variety of built-in dynamic wallpapers that animate in response to 3D Touch. Similarly, Android devices come with a selection of live wallpapers, ready to adorn your home screen.

  • How-To for iPhone: Go to Settings -> Wallpaper -> Choose a New Wallpaper -> Live. Then, just pick a wallpaper, hit ‘Set,’ and voila!
  • How-To for Android: Long press on the home screen -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers, and select one you like.

While the preloaded options may lack personal flair, this method is by far the most straightforward, with no additional apps required.

Use Built-In Settings: Simplicity at its Finest


2. Harness the Power of Dedicated Apps: Your Playground of Creativity

If you’re craving more personalization, dedicated live wallpaper apps are your best bet. My personal favorites include IntoLive for iPhone and Video Live Wallpaper for Android. These apps let you transform your videos, GIFs, or photo bursts into live wallpapers.

  • How-To for IntoLive: Launch the app -> Choose the video or the photo burst -> Tap ‘Make’ -> ‘No repeat’ -> ‘Save Live Photos.’ In your settings, set the new Live Photo as your wallpaper.
  • How-To for Video Live Wallpaper: Open the app -> Choose video -> Adjust as needed -> Set wallpaper.

There’s something truly thrilling about creating a live wallpaper from your own memories. It’s like a personal cinema, right on your home screen.

Harness the Power of Dedicated Apps: Your Playground of Creativity

3. Embrace Third-Party Websites: Unleash Unlimited Possibilities

Websites like GIPHY or Zedge are gold mines of animated images and live wallpapers. They provide a vast range of ready-to-use live wallpapers and allow you to upload your own creations for others to use.

  • How-To for GIPHY: Find or upload your GIF -> ‘Download’ -> ‘Save Video as…’ (for Android) or ‘Save Image’ (for iPhone). Then, use an app like IntoLive or Video Live Wallpaper to set it as your live wallpaper.
  • How-To for Zedge: Simply browse the ‘Live Wallpapers’ section -> Download your favorite one -> Apply it from your phone’s settings.

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