How To Add Mee6 To Discord Server | 20+ Best Mee6 Commands

Hey there! If you’re as big of a Discord fan as I am, you’ve probably heard of Mee6. This fantastic bot has spiced up countless servers, turning them from regular chat rooms into dynamic, fun-filled communities. Having experimented with it for a while, I’m here to share a step-by-step guide on adding Mee6 to your server, along with some fantastic commands to supercharge your community experience. Let’s dive in!

Adding Mee6 to Your Discord Server: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Setting the Stage: First things first, ensure you have ‘Manage Server’ permissions on your Discord server. If you don’t, a quick chat with the admin might help.
  2. Visiting Mee6’s Official Website: Head over to Mee6’s official website. You’ll find a vibrant ‘Add to Discord’ button. Give it a click.
  3. Choose Your Server: A dropdown list will appear, showcasing all your servers. Pick the one you want to enrich with Mee6’s capabilities.
  4. Give It Permissions: Don’t be alarmed! The permissions just allow Mee6 to function properly on your server. Hit ‘Authorize’ to seal the deal.

And voila! Mee6 is now a part of your server. But wait, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s explore some commands that will elevate your server’s experience.


20+ Mee6 Commands You Should Definitely Try

  1. !level: Ever wondered how chatty someone is? This command reveals a user’s chat level.
  2. !rank: Curious about your rank compared to other chatters? This one’s for you.
  3. !mee6 settings: Want to tailor Mee6’s behavior? Jump into the settings using this.
  4. !clear (number): Got some messages you want gone? Use this to clear a specified number of messages. Super handy for mods!
  5. !ban (user) (reason): Sadly, not all users play nice. Ban the ones that don’t with this.
  6. !unban (user): Everyone deserves a second chance, right?
  7. !mute (user) (time) (reason): Give someone a short timeout if they’re getting a bit too rowdy.
  8. !unmute (user): Let’s bring them back into the conversation.
  9. !poll (question): Gather the community’s opinion with a quick poll.
  10. !search (topic): Let Mee6 help you search the web. Whether it’s for a meme or some quick info, this is your go-to.

For a complete list and detailed breakdown, Discord’s official Mee6 guide is a treasure trove of information.



Having tested Mee6 and several other bots, I must say Mee6 holds its ground pretty well. Its customization, ease of use, and vast array of commands make it a must-have for any server aiming for an interactive experience.

However, always remember, bots are tools, not replacements for genuine community interaction. While Mee6 can automate tasks and add fun features, the real magic of Discord lies in the friendships and communities we build.

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