How To Get WiFi Without An Internet Provider: 8 Methods

A few days back, I was in a predicament that many of you might resonate with: my internet provider unexpectedly went dark, leaving me scrambling for connectivity. It got me thinking, how can someone get WiFi without relying on an ISP? After some digging, testing, and a few cups of coffee, I’ve compiled a list of 8 methods that came to my rescue.

1. Tethering via Your Smartphone

How I did it: I quickly delved into my smartphone’s settings, toggled the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ option, and voila! My devices were connected in no time. It’s a straightforward way, given that most modern smartphones offer this feature. My verdict: Suitable for short-term usage, especially if you have a good data plan. Be wary of data consumption, though. Here’s a handy guide from Android Central on how to set it up.

Tethering via Your Smartphone


2. Public WiFi Hotspots

My Adventure: I took a short stroll around my neighborhood and easily found cafes, libraries, and even some parks offering free WiFi. My Two Cents: Always a good option for a change of scenery. However, ensure you have a VPN to protect your data. Check out this list of top VPNs by PCMag.

3. WiFi USB Dongle

My Experiment: I got one of these handy devices that acts like a portable modem. Insert a SIM card with a data plan, plug into your device, and get connected. Recommendation: Ideal for travelers or those without smartphone tethering options.

WiFi USB Dongle

4. Community WiFi Initiatives

How I Found Out: A quick online search led me to discover community-driven projects where locals share a chunk of their WiFi, creating a network of free hotspots. Thoughts: It’s like a digital form of neighborhood watch! Great initiative, but availability might be limited.

5. Purchase a Portable Router

My Journey: I invested in a portable router, inserted a local SIM card, and had my WiFi network on the go. Why I Recommend: It’s especially useful for those always on the move. Plus, multiple devices can connect. TechRadar has a great list of the best portable routers.

Purchase a Portable Router

6. Use Your Old Router as a Repeater

My Exploration: I dug out an old router from my storeroom, set it up as a repeater, and expanded the reach of a weak public WiFi. Final Word: It’s a technical method, but can come in handy if you’re in the vicinity of a distant public WiFi.

7. WiFi Plans from Mobile Carriers

How I Used It: With the absence of my regular ISP, I tried out temporary data packs from mobile carriers. They often offer plans just for WiFi. Why It’s Worth It: A reliable alternative, especially if carriers offer good coverage and speed in your area.

WiFi Plans from Mobile Carriers

8. Neighbors’ Generosity

What I Did: Simply asked my kind neighbor if I could hop onto their WiFi temporarily. And guess what? They obliged! Piece of Advice: Always ask politely, and maybe return the favor in kind. Perhaps share a batch of homemade cookies?

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