6 Methods To Get Someone’s IP From Discord

Ah, the enigma of IP addresses in the realm of Discord. It’s a topic that has been brought up in conversations more often than not. Today, we will try to shed some light on this mystery. However, I must stress that the methods I will discuss here should be used responsibly and for educational purposes only.

Let’s start by understanding the concept of an IP address. It’s like a digital return address for your device when it connects to the internet. Knowing someone’s IP address can reveal their general location and, in certain situations, might be used for nefarious purposes. For this reason, Discord takes privacy seriously and uses various methods to protect user IP addresses.

1. Direct Connections

Discord doesn’t provide a built-in feature to see other user’s IP addresses. It is designed this way to ensure user privacy and security. However, during a direct file transfer or a private call outside of the Discord server, your device could potentially expose your IP address to the other party. Avoid this by never accepting direct file transfers or calls from users you don’t trust.

Direct Connections


2. Using Third-Party IP Loggers

There are third-party services, known as IP loggers, that can help you find someone’s IP address. These services create a link that, when clicked, logs the IP address of the user. While these tools can be used for legitimate purposes, they can also be misused. Be aware that sending such links on Discord is against their Terms of Service, and misuse can lead to account suspension or banning.

Using Third-Party IP Loggers

3. Investigating Shared Network Resources

If you’re on the same local network as another Discord user—for instance, in a LAN party or a workplace—you might be able to find their IP address through network tools or command-line utilities. However, be mindful of privacy and legal considerations, especially in a workplace setting.

Investigating Shared Network Resources

4. Law Enforcement Requests

In exceptional circumstances, such as criminal investigations, law enforcement agencies can request user data, including IP addresses, from Discord. Discord has a strict policy on this and only complies when presented with a valid legal request. For more information, check out Discord’s Transparency Report.

Law Enforcement Requests

5. Discord Server Logs

If you’re a server owner, you might think you have access to user IP addresses through server logs. However, Discord doesn’t include this information in the logs to respect user privacy. This extends to their API as well—Discord’s API does not provide a way to get a user’s IP address.

6. Social Engineering Techniques

Social engineering involves the manipulation of individuals to gain sensitive information or access to systems without their knowledge or consent. In the context of Discord, social engineering techniques can be used to trick users into revealing their IP addresses voluntarily or unknowingly. Here are some common social engineering methods:

a. Phishing: Attackers might create fake login pages or messages that appear to be from Discord or other trustworthy sources. They send these to users, urging them to log in to their accounts, and in doing so, unknowingly disclose their credentials, including their IP address.

b. Pretexting: This technique involves creating a false scenario or pretext to gain the trust of the target. For example, an attacker could impersonate Discord support staff or a friend in need of help, leading the user to divulge sensitive information, such as their IP address.

c. Impersonation: Attackers might pretend to be someone the target knows or trusts, such as a mutual friend or a Discord community member, and use this trust to extract information from the target, including their IP address.

d. Baiting: This involves enticing users with offers or rewards in exchange for certain actions, like clicking on a link or providing personal information. The bait could be a link to Discord or a related service, leading to the disclosure of the user’s IP address.


while it’s technically possible to obtain someone’s IP address from Discord, it’s important to remember that doing so without explicit consent can infringe upon their privacy and is against Discord’s terms of service. Always prioritize respect and consent when interacting online. And remember, the internet is a vast place, filled with knowledge. Use it wisely.

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