5 Fixes Email Keeps Stopping Or Crashing Issue

Hello there, friends! Let me guess, you’re here because your email application just isn’t playing nice – crashing, freezing, stopping in its tracks. If I had a penny for every time my software got temperamental, I’d probably have a neat little pile by now. But hey, that’s what we’re here for. Today, we’ll dissect this issue, explore my personal fixes, and get you back to emailing in no time.

1. Restart Your Device

No matter how advanced our devices get, the good old “turn it off, then turn it back on again” still works wonders. It’s the tech equivalent of taking a deep breath. Rebooting clears temporary files that may be causing the hitch.

Try Restarting Your Device


2. Update Your Email App

Been ignoring those update prompts? Me too. But trust me, those updates can mean the difference between a crashing app and a smoothly running one. Visit your device’s app store to make sure your email app is up-to-date. Here’s a handy guide on updating apps for different platforms.

Update Your Email App

3. Clear App Cache

Caches are great until they’re not. If you’ve been using your email app for a while, the cache can become overloaded and cause issues. Under ‘settings’ in your email app, find the ‘clear cache’ button and give it a tap.

Clear App Cache

4. Check Your Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection could be the culprit. If your connection is on the slower side or frequently drops out, this can cause your email app to stop or crash. Try connecting to a different network or resetting your router.

Check your internet connection

5. Reinstall Your Email App

When all else fails, sometimes a fresh start is all you need. Uninstall your email app, then head over to your device’s app store to reinstall it. Remember to back up important emails first!

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