How To Delete Google Search History On Android, iPhone, And Chrome | 7+ Best browsers

Ah, the infamous Google Search history. Whether you’ve just been mindlessly browsing memes, stalking your ex on Facebook (we’ve all been there), or even conducting some top-secret research, we sometimes want to keep our browsing histories private. For the folks who know that the best way to keep a secret is to forget it, here’s a simple guide on deleting your Google Search history.

1. Deleting Google Search History on Android:

Open your Google app on Android.
First, find the Google app icon on your Android device and tap on it.

Go to your profile picture or initial, then click on ‘Search history’.
You’ll be able to see all your recent searches here.

On this page, there’s an option that says ‘Delete’.
Tap on it and select the time range you want to clear, whether it’s the past hour, past day, or all time.

Voila! Your search history has been cleared. A small step to protect your privacy!

Deleting Google Search History on Android

For more detailed steps, check this tutorial.

2. Wiping Out Google Search History on iPhone:

Open the Google app on your iPhone.
Find and tap on the Google app icon.

At the bottom right, tap on ‘More’ and then ‘Search activity’.
This will open a page with all your searches.

Here, you’ll find an option to ‘Delete’.
Tap on it, choose the desired time range, and you’re all set.

iPhone users, rejoice! We’ve achieved a clean slate.

Wiping Out Google Search History on iPhone

Here’s a comprehensive guide for iPhone users.

3. Clearing Google Search History in Chrome:

Launch Chrome and click on the three dots (⋮) on the top right corner.
Then, go to ‘History’. You can also simply press ‘Ctrl + H’ (or ‘Cmd + Y’ for Mac users).

On the left side, there’s an option called ‘Clear browsing data’.
Click on it.

Select the time range and check ‘Browsing history’.
Then click ‘Clear data’.

And, BAM! Chrome’s memory of your searches is now as blank as my mind on a Monday morning.

Clearing Google Search History in Chrome

For a more detailed guide, visit this page.

Exploring The 7+ Best Browsers:

There’s a whole world of browsers out there that respect your privacy and offer unique features. Here are my favorites:

  1. Firefox: Offers great privacy controls and a clean interface.
  2. Brave: Built for privacy, it even has a built-in ad-blocker!
  3. Opera: Features a free VPN and ad-blocker. Plus, its sidebar is pretty cool.
  4. Tor: For those who want the maximum level of privacy.
  5. Microsoft Edge: The new and improved version is fast and efficient.
  6. Safari: Exclusive to Apple users and very battery efficient.
  7. DuckDuckGo: More of a search engine but it offers a browser experience that doesn’t track you.
Exploring The 7+ Best Browsers

Discover more about these browsers here.


In our digital age, where everything seems to be recorded, having control over our data is empowering. It’s always good to keep a check on our digital footprints. And while we’re at it, why not explore some fantastic browsers to elevate our browsing experience?

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