Learn How To Connect Spotify To Discord

A day in the life of a Windows aficionado like me isn’t complete without some good ol’ tunes. Whether it’s coding away on a new project or immersing myself in the latest RPG, music has always been my trusty sidekick. And what better way to access my endless playlists than Spotify? The only thing better than Spotify, in my opinion, is sharing what I’m listening to with my friends on Discord. So, on a sunny afternoon, I decided to fuse these two worlds together. Want to do the same? Let me show you how.

1. Why Connect Spotify to Discord?

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, let’s discuss the ‘why’. I mean, why not just listen and keep the music to yourself? Well, sharing your music can add a new dimension to your gaming sessions. It can transform a tedious grind in your favorite MMO into a rhythmic dance of epic proportions. Besides, who doesn’t like a touch of show and tell?

Step by Step: How to Integrate Spotify with Discord

  1. Open Discord: Launch your Discord application. If you’re like me and have a ton of servers, take a moment to bask in the chaos!
  2. Access Settings: On the bottom left corner, you’ll see your profile picture. Just beside it, you’ll notice a gear icon labeled ‘User Settings’. Give that a click.
  3. Find ‘Connections’: Scroll down the left sidebar and tap on ‘Connections’. This is your golden gateway to musical integration.
  4. Connect Spotify: Among the various icons, you’ll spot the iconic green hue of Spotify. Click on it. If you aren’t logged into Spotify, it’ll prompt you to do so.
  5. Authorize Access: After logging in, it’ll ask for permission to access your Spotify account. Trust me on this; click ‘Agree’. You’ll thank me later!
  6. Display on Profile: After the connection, you can toggle the switch to display Spotify as your status. Now everyone can see your impeccable taste in music.
Why Connect Spotify to Discord?


2. A Few Notes and Recommendations

After you’ve connected, when you play a song on Spotify, your friends on Discord will see it as your status. They can even click ‘Listen Along’. This allows them to jump in and enjoy the track with you.

But here’s a small caveat: Only premium Spotify users can use the ‘Listen Along’ feature. So, if you’re feeling generous, you might want to gift a friend a Spotify premium membership.

Another thing to note is that if you’re streaming or sharing screens, Spotify audio won’t be shared by default because of copyright concerns. There’s always a workaround, though. One of my favorites is to use a virtual cable to reroute audio. But tread carefully, ensuring you respect artists’ rights.

A Few Notes and Recommendations


Connecting Spotify to Discord truly changed the game (pun intended) for me. Music and gaming are two worlds that, when combined, create an unforgettable experience. So go ahead, fuse them, and let the shared melodies elevate your digital adventures.

Remember, in the grand orchestration of life (and gaming), sometimes all you need is a little background music.

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