12 Best Ways To Change Printer Status From Offline To Online

Imagine you’re in the middle of finalizing a presentation or perhaps wrapping up a lengthy report, and you need to print some crucial documents. You turn to your trusted printer, only to see it’s stubbornly refusing to shake off its offline status. If you’ve been there, you know the frustration. But, don’t worry! As someone who has battled with this exact issue more times than I care to admit, I’ve discovered a collection of handy tips and tricks to resurrect that ‘offline’ printer back to life. Here are my top 12 tips to get your printer online and ready for action.

1. Restart Your Printer:

Power off your printer and unplug it from the power source. Wait for about a minute and then plug it back in and power it up. This simple power cycle can often resolve minor glitches that are causing your printer to appear offline.

Restart Your Printer

2. Check Printer Connections:

If your printer is wired, ensure that the USB or Ethernet cable is securely plugged in at both ends. For wireless printers, make sure it’s connected to the correct network. You can usually find this information on your printer’s display panel.

Check Printer Connections

3. Set Printer to Default:

Go to ‘Control Panel’, select ‘Devices and Printers’, find your printer in the list, right-click it, and choose ‘Set as default printer’. A green checkmark will appear on the printer icon, indicating it’s the default.

 Set Printer to Default

4. Update Printer Drivers:

Visit your printer manufacturer’s official website and navigate to their ‘Support’ or ‘Downloads’ section. Here, you’ll be able to search for your specific printer model and download the latest drivers. After downloading, run the installer and follow the prompts.

Update Printer Drivers

5. Clear the Print Queue:

Go to ‘Control Panel’, select ‘Devices and Printers’, right-click your printer, and choose ‘See what’s printing’. A new window will open showing the print queue. From here, you can select and cancel any pending print jobs.

Clear the Print Queue

6. Reinstall the Printer:

In ‘Devices and Printers’, right-click your printer and select ‘Remove device’. After it’s removed, click on ‘Add a printer’ at the top of the screen and follow the prompts to reinstall it. Make sure you have the printer drivers handy or that you’re connected to the internet so Windows can find them for you.

Reinstall the Printer

7. Check Printer Status:

Look at your printer’s display panel for any warning messages or alerts like low ink, paper jams, or if it’s in sleep mode. Address any issues you find, whether that’s replacing ink cartridges, removing paper jams, or waking it up.

Check Printer Status

8. Use Printer Troubleshooting Tool:

In the Control Panel, click on ‘Troubleshooting’, then ‘View all’ on the left panel, and finally ‘Printer’. The Printer Troubleshooter will open and you can follow its prompts to diagnose and fix common printer issues.

Use Printer Troubleshooting Tool

9. Disable ‘Use Printer Offline’ Option:

Navigate to the ‘See what’s printing’ screen as described earlier, then click on ‘Printer’ in the top menu. If ‘Use Printer Offline’ has a checkmark next to it, click on it to deselect the option.

Disable 'Use Printer Offline' Option

10. Check Firewall Settings:

Go to ‘Control Panel’, choose ‘Windows Defender Firewall’, and click on ‘Allow an app through Windows Defender Firewall’. Make sure your printer software is in the allowed list. If not, click on ‘Change settings’ and then ‘Allow another app’ to add it.

Check Firewall Settings

11. Update Your Operating System:

Keeping your system up-to-date ensures that it’s compatible with the latest printer drivers. Go to ‘Settings’, click on ‘Update & Security’, and then ‘Check for updates’. If there are any available updates, install them. Remember, you might need to restart your computer for the updates to take effect.

Update Your Operating System

The beauty of technology is that there’s always a solution. And now that you’re armed with these detailed tips, you can tackle that offline printer like a pro!

12. Consult Manufacturer’s Support

If all else fails, consult your printer manufacturer’s support. They have specific expertise on their products and can often provide assistance. Here are a few support links for popular brands: HP, Canon, and Epson.

Keep in mind that the solution to the ‘offline’ conundrum could be a combination of the above fixes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match until you find the magical blend that brings your printer back online. Trust me, there’s a unique sense of satisfaction when you outwit that offline demon!

Consult Manufacturer's Support

Technology is designed to serve us, not to frustrate us. Next time your printer decides to go ‘offline,’ remember these tips and take control. Your printer, your rules!

If you have any other magical tips, do let me know in the comments section. Let’s keep our printers in line, one online status at a time!

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