Can’t Delete Apps On iPhone? Here Are The 5 Best Fixes!

Have you ever been there, swiping away at that one app on your iPhone that seems to be playing a little game of ‘you can’t catch me’? If you’ve ever struggled with an app that simply refuses to vanish, you’re in good company. I recently faced the same conundrum, and after some tinkering, trial, and a few errors, I’m here to share the 10 tricks that worked wonders for me. Let’s crack this!

1. The Classic Restart

Sometimes, the oldest tricks in the book are the most effective. Think of it as giving your iPhone a fresh breath of air. Simply power down and restart. It’s surprising how often this clears up those pesky hiccups!

Can’t Delete Apps On iPhone? Here Are The 5 Best Fixes!


2. Good Ol’ Internet

There are some apps that seem to hang on due to connectivity issues. So before you pull out your hair, make sure you’re hooked to a robust Wi-Fi or cellular connection. A quick speed check at Speedtest can be a game-changer.

3. Offload Instead of Delete

Dive into Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Find that stubborn app and click ‘Offload App’. This magical button removes the app while saving its data. After that, give the delete option another shot.

Offload Instead of Delete

4. Settings to the Rescue

For those particularly tenacious apps, sometimes you’ve got to up the game. Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, select the app, and go for the ‘Delete App’ option. Sometimes, this sneaky backdoor method does the trick.

5. Update Time?

Believe it or not, an outdated iOS might be your villain. A quick update might just be the hero you need. Check for updates at Settings > General > Software Update.


There you have it – a peek into my adventure tackling the undying app. Here’s hoping one of these tricks works wonders for you. Remember, technology is a tool, and with a little persistence and know-how, you’ll get it to bend to your will. Cheers to smooth sailing!

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