How to change the text color in Discord

There’s nothing like a splash of color to brighten up your text in Discord. Colorful text can bring conversations to life, making them more exciting, readable, and fun. As an avid Discord user, I’ve spent a fair amount of time exploring ways to colorize text, and today, I’m thrilled to share my seven best tips with you.

1. Markdown Syntax

Discord follows markdown syntax, an easy-to-use language that allows you to format text. While there’s no direct way to change text color, you can use code blocks to highlight text in different shades. This works like a charm!

To do this, surround your text with three backticks (`) and the code language. For instance, typing diff\n- This will appear red\n will make the text appear red. Note that the \n is necessary to indicate a new line.

Markdown Syntax


2. Embed Color

In a Discord bot, you can use embeds to change text color. The color attribute in an embed object allows you to set color for the whole embed. However, this method requires some knowledge of bot development and a running bot in your server.

The Discord Developer Portal provides an excellent guide on how to use embeds.

Embed Color

3. Colored Text with Bots

Some Discord bots like Color-Chan allow you to change your text color in Discord. Color-Chan is a simple to use and highly customizable color bot that lets you change your name color. After inviting the bot to your server, follow the bot’s prompts to choose a color.

Find out more about Color-Chan and how to add it to your server here.

Colored Text with Bots

4. Use CSS in Webhooks

For those familiar with web development, CSS can be used to change text color via webhooks. You can use Discord’s webhook feature to send messages with rich content and color. This method may require a bit more technical know-how but offers a great deal of customization.

To get started with webhooks, check out the Discord webhook guide.

Use CSS in Webhooks

5. Discord Plugins

Plugins can enhance your Discord experience. BetterDiscord, for example, allows for customization not available in the default Discord app. With BetterDiscord, you can use CSS to change the color of your text. Please note, BetterDiscord is against Discord’s terms of service, so use it cautiously.

Discord Plugins

6. Colored Nicknames

Although it doesn’t directly change the color of your text, changing your nickname’s color can make you stand out in the server. You can do this by having a role with a color and placing it at the top of the role hierarchy.

Learn more about roles and permissions from Discord’s help center article.

Colored Nicknames

7. Using External Tools

Lastly, there are some online tools available to generate colored text which can be copied and pasted into Discord. These tools utilize Unicode and other formatting tricks to create text in a variety of colors and styles.

Changing text color in Discord can be a creative way to add personality to your messages and improve readability. While Discord doesn’t yet support text color changes natively, these tips and tricks will certainly help you spice up your chats. So, go ahead and try them out, and happy text colorizing!

Using External Tools

8. Nitro Boost Benefits

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service offered by Discord that provides users with various exclusive perks and benefits. One of the notable benefits of Discord Nitro is Nitro Boosting, which allows users to enhance their favorite servers and access additional features. When a user Nitro Boosts a server, they effectively “boost” its level, unlocking more perks based on the number of boosts the server receives.

Benefits of Nitro Boosting a server include:

  • a. Custom Server Banner: The server owner can set a custom banner for the server’s invite splash screen. This allows for better branding and personalization.
  • b. Higher Audio Quality: The voice channels in the boosted server get improved audio quality, resulting in clearer and crisper voice communication.
  • c. Animated Server Icon: Nitro Boosted servers can set an animated GIF as their server icon, adding a dynamic touch to their server branding.
  • d. Increased Upload Limit: The file upload limit is increased, allowing users to share larger files and media within the server.
  • e. Emotes and Stickers: As the server’s boost level increases, more emote slots are unlocked. This means the server can have a larger collection of custom emotes and stickers.
  • f. Enhanced Video Quality: For Nitro users watching screenshare in a boosted server, the video quality is improved, making it ideal for presentations and streaming.
  • g. Vanity URL: Once a server reaches a certain boost level, the server owner can create a custom “vanity” URL to make the server invitation link more memorable and branded.
  • h. Colored Server Name: As the server’s boost level increases, the server name in the server list can be customized with different colors.

9. Custom Themes and CSS Modifications

Discord allows users to create and apply custom themes to change the appearance of the Discord client according to their preferences. Themes are essentially sets of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code that modify the default visual elements of Discord, such as colors, fonts, and layout.

Here’s how you can work with custom themes and CSS modifications:

  • a. Finding and Installing Themes: Users can find various Discord themes online from community-driven theme repositories. Once a theme is selected, it needs to be installed using a compatible Discord client or third-party plugins/extensions.
  • b. Creating Custom Themes: For more advanced users, creating custom themes is an option. This involves writing CSS code to customize specific elements of Discord, like changing the text color, background, or even adding animated elements.
  • c. Editing Themes: Users can also modify existing themes to suit their preferences better. This could involve adjusting color palettes, font styles, or even incorporating unique background images.
  • d. Applying Themes: After installing or creating a theme, users can apply it to Discord through settings or using specific theme manager applications.
  • e. Compatibility and Updates: It’s essential to ensure that the chosen theme is compatible with the user’s version of Discord. Discord occasionally receives updates, which can affect the functionality of custom themes. Theme creators often update their themes to keep them compatible with the latest Discord versions.
  • f. Discord Theme Communities: Joining Discord servers or online communities dedicated to custom themes can provide users with a space to share their themes, get feedback, and discover new themes created by others.

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