Best Apps To Create And Set Custom Apple Watch Faces

As someone who’s had a bit of a love affair with the Apple Watch since its inception, I’ve always had this niggling thought – why can’t I personalize my watch face more? Sure, Apple has provided a slew of beautiful watch faces, but there’s something incredibly appealing about having a unique, custom face that truly represents your personal style.

And so, with this sentiment echoing through my mind, I embarked on a journey to discover the best apps that allow one to craft and set custom Apple Watch faces. What I found was both intriguing and exciting. Here are my top picks:

1. Watchsmith

  • What’s to Love: Watchsmith offers an unmatched level of customization. From a plethora of complications, colors, and designs, the combinations are virtually endless.
  • Tip: Use the schedule feature to change watch faces based on the time of day.
  • Where to Find: Download Watchsmith here.


2. JingWatch Face

  • What’s to Love: If you’re all about aesthetics and stunning visuals, JingWatch should be your go-to. Their gallery has some of the most breathtaking custom faces I’ve seen.
  • Tip: Check out their festive collection for season-specific faces!
  • Where to Find: Find out more about JingWatch Face here.
  • What’s to Love: This isn’t just an app, it’s a community. Here, you can share, discover, and download watch faces that others in the Apple Watch tribe have crafted.
  • Tip: The curated collections, categorized by mood and style, are a must-see.
  • Where to Find: Get inspired with Buddywatch here.

When trying these apps, I was keen on paying attention to ease of use, flexibility, and creativity, and they certainly delivered. Now, it’s worth noting that while Apple hasn’t officially provided the means for third-party custom faces, these apps cleverly navigate around the restrictions to give you that personal touch you crave.

To further elevate your Apple Watch game, I recommend diving into articles detailing how to maximize watch complications or get the best out of the WatchOS system. Sites like 9to5Mac or MacRumors have a rich trove of insights to explore.


In Conclusion

The Apple Watch isn’t just a gadget; for many of us, it’s an extension of our personal style. With these apps, your watch can truly be a reflection of you, making every glance at the time a more enriching experience. I’ll probably spend countless more hours experimenting and playing with customizations – after all, who doesn’t love a fresh look every now and then?

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