7 Best Among Us Discord Servers You Should Join

Few things have ramped up the pulse of a fun-filled evening quite like a game of Among Us. Who’s the imposter? Can we trust Steve’s alibi? Is Jenny really fixing the wires?

But playing Among Us with random players from around the globe can sometimes be…well, less than thrilling. The game shines its brightest when you’re in a group, sleuthing it out with friends or those who’ve become friends through the common bond of deceitful astronautics.

Discord, a platform where gamers convene, communicate, and coordinate, has become the go-to place for dedicated Among Us servers. These digital hangouts are perfect for finding new players to game with, discussing strategies, or simply for some off-duty astronautical chit-chat.

1. Among Us Global

This is the biggest Among Us Discord server. Here you can find games at any time of day, with over 250,000 members. The server is well moderated, ensuring the chats are spam-free. It’s quite like a bustling spaceport, where you’re sure to bump into some interesting folks.

Among Us Global


2. Innersloth Community Server

Innersloth, the developers of Among Us, host this server. It’s not just a place to find a group for your next game but a vibrant community to discuss upcoming features, bugs, and more directly with the people behind the game. It’s like having a direct line to mission control.

3. Among Us Friends

Tired of games with randoms who leave when they aren’t the imposter? Among Us Friends is all about creating a friendly environment where everyone is excited to play, whether they’re a crewmate or an imposter. The server also offers weekly events to keep things fresh. It feels more like a friendly neighborhood watch…in space!

Among Us Friends

4. Corpse Husband’s Server

The YouTube star Corpse Husband’s server is an energetic place where you can discuss and strategize about Among Us. You might even get a chance to play with Corpse himself or other popular streamers. Remember, don’t fanboy too hard if you’re supposed to be the imposter!

5. Among Us Hide and Seek

Among Us isn’t just about imposters and crewmates. In this server, they play hide and seek, where one player hunts down the others. It’s a different, but thrilling, spin on the standard game mode, like a game of interstellar cat-and-mouse.

Among Us Hide and Seek

6. Amongcord

Amongcord allows you to get stats about your games, view common tasks, and more. It’s a great server if you like to take a more analytical approach to your gameplay, like a space detective running over the facts in their mind.

7. Proximity Chat Among Us

This server uses a proximity chat mod, allowing you to hear players nearby and not those far away. It adds another layer to the game and can make it even more suspenseful, like an episode of your favorite sci-fi thriller.

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